Sunday, August 14, 2011

Candles that Smell like Boys, The Plan for My Cat, and a Few Other Things.

             1. Candles that Smell like Boys:
                    I love it when boys smell good, therefore, I love it when things--such as candles--smell like boys.  I know it's weird, but I really love the musky and sweet smell of a guy so one day my sister-in-law bought an amazing boy smelling candle.  I walked into Jessica's room and was instantly hit  by the wonderful boy smell and nearly melted. I don't remember what the name was but I know it was a Yankee Candle and I don't know why I told you about this but whatever.

            2. The Plan for My Cat:
                     Like my older sister, when I go into my sophomore year of college I am getting a kitten. I want to get a Maine Coon kitten, if you don't know,  Maine Coons are BIG cats and are also very hairy. So when I get what I hope to be a brown male Maine Coon, I will name him Barry Gibb and get him a kitten white leisure suit. Yes, I know that I'm weird.

                 I'm a cat person. I love sweaters and wearing sweatpants. I am a swimmer and I love/hate it. I have no confidence in my writing and I am scared to make a YouTube video even though I really want to. That's it. Thanks. Goodbye. Goodnight. Smell a puppy, buy a sweater.

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