Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wikipedian Expertism in the Field of Maria von Trapp

            Anyone who is in possession of any sense knows that reading the Wikipedia page on something makes you a total expert on that thing. So today I sat down and skimmed the article on a woman whose name I share, in fact the very woman whose musical I am named after" Mrs. Maria von Trapp.  Now, after vaguely reading about her I realized that Ms. Maria and I have very little in common. Firstly, we have our name. Secondly, same birth month. Thirdly, we both sing (sang, in her case) That's pretty much it. However, I found out that I was born two days before the anniversary of Mrs. von Trapp's own date of birth, eerie, right?

             I hate The Sound of Music (the musical), when I was younger I didn't understand that it may be better to tell people yes when they ask if you were named after West Side Story, the song is more forgiving. But no, I always answered with my almost von Trapp heritage and promptly after my answer would be serenaded with  "How Do Solve a Problem Like Maria." This is not okay, world. For all little girls named Maria, I feel for you. It sucks and you grow up to completely deplore, with all your being, The Sound of Music. Somehow West Side Story doesn't get to you, maybe it's because he's falling for Maria, not trying to fix her.  I mean, c'mon, who wants to be told they need fixing?
            So, of course, I have always had a bit of a resentment. Who else got the teasing and partially ruined childhood because of this? Probably lots of little Maria's. When my life eventually gets made into a musical there will be a song about this hatred. Then every single little Maria will have new songs to be bombarded with, they'll thank me just as I've thanked Maria von Trapp, a blog rant. However, rest in peace, Maria, because one day when I meet you, you shall have some explaining to do.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Importance of Being Average

         I'm an actress, in fact, I intend on continuing said acting throughout my entire life and making it a career. However, I consider myself to average, and by average I mean amazing. I, myself, am great. Now, I'm not one to brag  but what else has two thumbs and things they're the most fabulous actor ever? Everyone in New York City, I know.
          I decided that I was going to be an actress at age ten while in Hawaii discovering my fear of fish, forever killing my dream of Marine Biology. This was also the time that I was auditioning for my first musical: Godspell Jr. , I sang "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. I'm named after that musical. I deplore it. However, I thought that I sang that song amazingly but I didn't get in. It took two years for me to actually get cast and another three after that to get a leading role.
           So I've decided to write this blog, to be like every other nerdy teenager. So here world, for once: I'm mediocre.