Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yeah. That's Why.

     Today is "Wacky Wednesday"  which I take to mean "Would You Be My Friend if I Dressed like this Day." So, I dressed normally seeing as no one will be my friend anyway. All jokes aside, I have friends. FishCat counts.  Who is FishCat, you ask? Well, he is the best stuffed animal/ friend ever. He is very hard to explain: the only way I can see to explain him is part fish; part cat. Hence the name.  FishCat listens to my secrets and doesn't eat my food. Could I ask fo a better friend? Well, maybe I could but I feel like that may require effort.
      When I am alone, I talk to FishCat and when I'm feeling especially lonely he talks back. The other day we had a conversation wherein he implied that I needed to get out more. It's probably true, but here I am: inside. So when I look down and you ask what's wrong, now you know: FishCat was being a bitchy friend. Yeah. That's why. . .


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